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We recommend the wire crates only! Goldendoodles are thick coated dogs and get hot in the plastic closed in crates. We use them to teach crate training starting at 3 weeks old but once they go home at 8 weeks they should be in a wire crate. You can purchase a crate at any pet store.

Crates We Use and Recommend

We recommend and use the Precision crates that come with a divider. Precision crates have a thick plastic bottom that doesn't crack. We have used Mid West Crates at Moss Creek and the crate bottoms cracked after a few months. It's over 50.00 to buy a replacement bottom. We have tried every crate and some are really cheap, the doors don't close properly, they have thin wire or exposed sharp wire, etc. It pays to buy a quality crate that comes with a divider so you can use it when the puppy is small and as an adult


What Size Crate Do I Need?

If you are adopting a standard puppy, we recommend the 48 inch crate. If you are adopting a medium sized puppy, the 36 or 42 inch crate. A small sized puppy, the 36 inch crate. They come with 2 doors if needed.

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