Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in one of our precious Goldendoodle puppies. If you have any questions we can answer for you, please send us an email – MossCreekDoodles@gmail.com. We screen all of our new families and require the application and a phone consultation before you are added to our waiting list. Once you are approved for adoption, we ask for a $250.00 deposit, in the form of a Personal Check, Money order or Paypal payment. Deposits are non-refundable and will be applied to the total purchase price of your puppy. The remaining balance is due when your puppy is 4 weeks old. Once we receive your application form, we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your application and provide details about our upcoming litters.

Please don’t send in your deposit until we have a chance to speak with you.

Moss Creek Goldendoodles Puppy Application

Please fill out our Puppy Application below. After you click Submit, wait for the confirmation notice to make sure we received your Application.
  • Small (20-30 pounds) - Medium (30-45 pounds) - Standards (45-60+ pounds)
  • Puppies eat 3 times a day for the first 6 months. The rule of thumb for how long a puppy can hold it in the crate - during the day is their age in months. So at 8 weeks, 2 months old, they can be in the crate 2 hours. At 12 weeks, 3 months old, 3 hours.
  • The life span of a Goldendoodle is 10-14 years.
  • Read more about McDoodles Boot Camp CLICK HERE - link opens in a new window.
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  • Our goal here is to keep any Moss Creek dog from being in a shelter, rescue or anywhere he/she's not wanted. We will work with you if you have the perfect home. We want to know if the dog has been re-homed so the new owner knows we will always take them back and rehome if needed - at any age. Our standard rehome fee is 500.00 which goes back to the original owner or as a donation to IDOG - the Goldendoodle rescue group we support. Moss Creek does not keep or make any money on our rehomes. Do you agree to notify Moss Creek first if you can no longer keep your dog?
  • We do not allow our pet puppies to be used for breeding. Do you agree to spay or neuter your puppy by 7 months of age? If you have any concerns about this, please discuss it with us during your interview.
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  • I have answered all of the above questions truthfully. I understand that if any intentionally false answers have been given, Moss Creek Goldendoodles reserves the right not to sell to me. By signing below, I agree to the re-home and spay or neuter policy as explained above and on the Health Warranty and Contract.

If you don’t receive an email from us regarding your application within 24 hours, please send us an email to mosscreekdoodles@gmail.com. Thanks!