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Follow the links below for step by step grooming instructions. Feel free to print them to take with you to your next grooming appointment. 

Want to groom your own Goldendoodle?  View the video's below for step by step instructions. 

See Sully's groom on Video - Part one

Sully's groom part two

Sully's groom part three

Sully's groom part four

Sully's groom part five

Sully showing off his new groom! 

Grooming the Goldendoodle a Groomer's Blog

How to groom a Goldendoodle

Basic maintenance and grooming

List of groomers

List of grooming tools

A good De-matting Rake & Comb - Chomp

Metal comb - Chomp

Nail trimmers - Chomp

Les Pooch Brush - I highly recommend this brush for adult Goldendoodle coats. It's used by most groomers!

A Pin Brush is good for puppies and to brush out longer coats. Order online

A good pair of Scissors / Shears. Order online

Ear care is very important! The number one reason dogs visited a Vet last year was ear infections. This is not Doodle specific but with all dogs. We use the DermaPet Malacetic Otic Ear/Skin Cleanser weekly and after every bath, swim and groomer appointment. Order online or purchase at your Vet's office. You can read more about proper ear care here.

Shampoo's recommended by our Doodle owners.

Buddy wash

Fluffy puppy

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

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