Q.  How do I reserve a Moss Creek Goldendoodle puppy?

A.  First, please fill out the application on the website.  We will call you to discuss your preferences and our upcoming litters.  If approved, we ask for a $250.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your place on our waiting list.  The balance is due when your puppy is 4 weeks old.  Once the puppies are born, we send a birth announcement with pictures at birth then every week we send pictures and updates so you can watch them grow.  The puppies wear different color collars that we put on them at birth.  This is how we track their weights two times a day, how our Vet keeps track of them and how you can track them from week to week in the pictures. 

Q. How much are your Goldendoodles?   

A. Puppy Prices

Small English Goldendoodle: $3,050

Our "Small" English Goldendoodles are absolutley adorable!  Most people don't realize how long it takes to breed down to this size and keep the look we all love about the English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodle.  Our "Small" English Goldendoodles are the F1B Generation. 

  • The normal size for a Small English Goldendoodle is approximately 15" - 17" (from the shoulder to the paw) 
  • Weight range is 18-30 pounds
  • F1B Generation

Medium English Goldendoodles: $2,850

We love our "Medium" English Goldendoodles.  They are the most popular size.  Even though some of our larger mediums are 55 pounds, they are not as tall as the Standards so they don't look as big.  Our Medium puppies are from Moyen sized Poodles that we have carefully selected for the look we want in our English Goldendoodles.  Our Medium English F1 Goldendoodles are usually on the upper end of size because one of their parents is a Golden Retriever.  The Medium English F1B's are in the smaller size range because both parents are smaller.

  • The normal size for a Medium English Goldendoodle is 17" - 22" (from the shoulder to the paw) 
  • Weight range is 35-55 pounds
  • F1 and F1B Generations

Standard English Goldendoodle: $2,850

We also love our "Standard" English Goldendoodles.  Moss Creek was the first breeder to ever breed Standard English F1B and Multi Generation Goldendoodles.  We specialize in Therapy and Service Dog Temperaments with all our puppies but the standards are perfect for this.  We have over 10 years experience picking the right temperament in our Parents for amazingly sweet puppies. 

  • The normal size for a Standard English Goldendoodle is 22" - 26" (from the shoulder to the paw)
  • Weight range is 45-70 pounds
  • F1, F1B, F2B Generations

Q.  What is the difference between the F1, F1B, F2B and F3 Goldendoodles?

A.  See the "About Goldendoodles Page"  On this page I explain the different generations we breed with pictures for reference. 

goldendoodles goldendoodle puppies for sale English Goldendoodle breeder florida  goldendoodles goldendoodle puppies for sale English Goldendoodle breeder florida

Q.  How are the puppies matched with families?

A.  We take pictures of the puppies every week from birth until they go home.  They all wear different colored collars from birth.  We do this so we can track them - they're weighed twice a day - and so you can watch them grow from week to week in pictures.  After we send the 6 week pictures we ask everyone on the list for their favorites, based on the look of the puppies.  When the puppies are 6 weeks old is when they are Temperament Tested by a trainer using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test.  This along with your puppy application, phone interview, your favorites, etc. helps us match you with the right puppy for your family and lifestyle.  Once the testing is complete we call everyone on the waiting list to go over their scores and let you know which of your favorites we think is the best fit.  The puppies are tested and allocated at 6 weeks old. 

goldendoodles goldendoodle puppies for sale English Goldendoodle breeder florida

Q.  Do you allow visitors?

A.  Click here for our Visitor Policy   We do allow visitors from families on the waiting list once the puppies are 6 weeks and vaccinated for the first time.  Most of our puppies are spoken for before they are born.  We rarely have puppies available to come and visit.  We realize the importance of making sure you pick a reputable breeder and that's why we have so many avenues to find out information about Moss Creek from the families that have been here.  We are an open book with our new puppy owners.  You can post on our FORUM.  This forum has been on our website since the beginning.  It's not censored and it's public.  You can go back years and read posts if you have hours to spend.  We have Veterinarians that own our dogs and post there, Vet tech's, groomers, dog trainers, dog behaviorist, etc so there is a lot of great information but it's mostly Moss Creek puppy owners sharing pictures and adventures with their Goldendoodle.  :)  We also have almost 1000 members on Moss Creek's Facebook page!  There are literally thousands of pictures posted by our puppy owners. Friend us and start enjoying all the pictures our puppy owners post daily!

Q.  Do you have references?

A.  Yes, click here for our references page.  See above for the Forum and our Facebook page!

Q.  What books do you recommend before we bring our new puppy home?

A.  See the "Puppy Care Info" page for the books we recommend and everything you will need for your puppy before he/she comes home. 


goldendoodles goldendoodle puppies for sale English Goldendoodle breeder florida

Q.  How do you groom a Goldendoodle?

A.  Click here for our grooming page.

goldendoodles goldendoodle puppies for sale English Goldendoodle breeder florida

Q. Do you ever have older Goldendoodles available? 

A. Yes, from time to time we have re-homes and retired dogs for adoption.  When we do, they are listed on the Nursery page of the website.  You should also check IDOG for a Doodle rescue in your area.  Click on the image below for IDOG's site.

Q.  What food do you feed and recommend for Goldendoodles?

A.  We feed the best food on the market, formulated by a Veterinarian - Life's Abundance.  You can read more about this food on the website - Click Here!  We also highly recommend NuVet Plus Vitamins for your puppy and adult dogs.  You can read more about NuVet on the website - Click Here!

Q.  Where can we order the cute McDoodles logo Shirts and Merchandise we see everyone wearing?

A.  We have a Cafe Press store with our logo on a lot of new merchandise.  CLICK HERE for our Cafe Press Store!  CHOMP also has really nice embroidered Goldendoodle shirts, totes, visors, magnets, etc. in their store! They are designed by Crystal and really nice quality - CLICK HERE for the CHOMP website.

Check out the Chomp Store!

Everything you need for your Moss Creek Puppy and Goldendoodles!

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

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The following video's were created by Best Day EVER productions!! Visit www.BDEProductions.com A big thank you to Charlee's Mom - Janet Lee for letting us share them with everyone! 

This is an amazing video of one very lucky English F1 Goldendoodle (Charlee) being picked up from Moss Creek!

Charlee and brother Burton reunite for the first time!

2015 Spring Fling Romp – Moss Creek’s yearly Family Reunion!

2014 Spring Fling Romp - Moss Creek's yearly Family Reunion!

Another great video "Pool Party" staring Charlee & Burton!

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